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Ngetrip – Traveling and writing since the last days are two very close-knit worlds when it comes to the surface, so you should expect them to be twin brothers in long-distance accompaniment before blogs, Instagram, and social media greet us. And both, traveling and writing, in an era in the past, have revealed exotic faces that bring amazement.

I was still young when I was amazed to read traveling stories published in Girl Magazines. Emji Alif is one of the names that surfaced at that time. The continuous story of his journey through the corners of the country, enclosed with excerpts of exclusive photographs as witnesses, always missed and awaited by readers. On other occasions in different formats, the experience of this archipelago is born as the setting of short stories.

In a blog post, of the most veteran journalists and cerpenis of the day-took down the text of Adek Alwi, the former editor of Anita Magazine, which contained a piece of information about this figure. “Da Risman sent me two letters of the same … proposing to me to be the editor of Anita, to replace Elahji Alifyang did not feel like leaving the mountains for only two months to be in love with Anita.”

The love of the universe, the longing for the embrace of the motherland, and the inhalation of the fragrant scent of the forest and the mountains, is the nature and world of traveling present when the blog has not become a platform to perpetuate it. Jauuuh in the period before a red airline launched a low cost with the tagline “I can fly nginin anyone”.

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